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Dating4disable com

Although I told it text-decoration:none, I still got a thin blue underline so I added this to my stylesheet: a[href] If I only had one color to deal with, adding the color to that bit would perhaps be all I needed to do.I don't mind Gmail converting phone numbers to a link, I just want it to be styled the same as other links in the same section.In mobile versions, the link opens up the mobile phone console with your phone number pre-populated making it very easy to dial numbers directly from your email. Wrap the telephone number with an What about dates?Each of the following formats will get converted to links: 212-389-3934212.389.3934(800) 389-39341-800-389-3934(212) 389-3934212–389–3934212—389—3934212–389–3934 212–389–3934 1–212–389–3934 212 -389 -3934 In the example above I used: "­" Unfortunatly, this HTML entity renders a dash "-" in Lotus Notes 6.5 and 7 (only) so the phone number appears like this: 212--389--3934 2.) Wrap an anchor tag around the phone number with an inline style that matches the rest of your text: Just use an anchor tag leaving the href completely out. It will show up as a clickable link in hotmail, but do nothing when clicked on. The following CSS and HTML code will allow you to style your phone number anyway you wish while also keeping the tap to call function on mobile. No one would want to add my dated enewsletter to their calendar.Both the desktop and mobile version(s) of Gmail now insert an anchor link around phone numbers.In the desktop version, the link opens Google's new voice/chat console which is displayed along the right column of the Gmail interface.

Is there a way to simply overwrite Gmail's default link styling?

I don’t mind this – I don’t mind seeing what lovely ladies are on the site, but I just felt it was an extra step they could have omitted.

Almost as if they were making it too much hard work.

The picture on the home page put me off a little too, if I’m honest.

It looks like a carer with a patient in a wheelchair…

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