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Like many folks, 2011 was a pretty tough year for me for a variety of reasons. I miss him, but know he is no longer in pain and in a better place.I am determined 2012 will be better for all my family and friends.

I have also been volunteering at the Presbyterian Hospital in Whittier on Saturday nights since 2008. My first summer after graduation, I wanted to recapture the glory of Lynwood B football (Coast League Champions). I wanted to play so bad, I made up a phony name and address and went to Dominguez High and played during their summer “Hell Week”.After six months one of the guys went home and the other singer and I played duo for another year.When he left I settled in the Haight-Ashbury district until the end of ’64 when I “rode my thumb” to New York. I played music with the Loving Spoonful guys, Steven Stills, David Crosby, and shared the stage and back rooms with David Jones, Peter Tork, and some even greater talents who didn’t “make it big”.I lived in the country and farmed, raised cattle, horses and kids.I was promoted three times from Sergeant to Lieutenant to Captain and Chief of Police over my 18 years of service.

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With that over, I went to LB State for one semester. After selling the system to every major city in the Western USA, I essentially worked myself out of a job, unless I wanted to move to the East coast. Today, I continue to be an AFLAC duck, selling group supplement insurance to small businesses in Southern CA. Today, Maxine and I live and play in San Clemente, CA.