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Discouraging steady dating

The anxiety this created greatly limited its inclusion in postcard imagery while social fears were more explicitly expressed in the form of racism.There was little in this time too outlandish to keep it from being made into a postcard.While the neutrality of the United States should have allowed it to continue trade, the British naval blockade insured that no merchant ships would leave Germany for any destination.Overconfident American publishes tried to make up the difference, but while they increased volume, they lacked the trained craftsmen to capture the same quality of European cards.hile new Congressional Acts would lift the 1909 tariffs imposed against foreign producers of postcards the damage was already done.

This was also a time when the modernist attitudes of the prewar years were just starting to be felt.While most postcards in general were turning into nothing more that pretty pictures they were also being used to express political and social agendas in ever increasing numbers.Just as the postcard industry was seeing new growth it was suddenly faced with the onset of a great economic depression.Desperate people sought out radical solutions and the ranks of the Communists and Fascists grew.Postcards issued for the purposes of propaganda grew with them but America’s isolationist tendencies would largely keep postcard production focused on tourism.

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The postwar years remained troubled and full of uncertainty as the old social order collapsed.