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The desire to experience the pleasure has become so irresistible that she is ready to give head to any dog right on the street.

The beginning of the film was quite usual till we fed dog’s cock to her throat.

The beauty moans with delight and we can tell that she enjoys every moment of it!

It seems like so long ago that I started having thoughts of dogs and sex.

She started sucking doggy cock si hard that we feared she might hurt herself.

The fluffy lover enjoyed her sucking skills and cummed twice filling her mouth with warm cum.

My family dog was a chow and one day playing in my room my hand innocently drifted to his sheath.

He also licked the tip of my cock cleaning the last few traces of cum.[flash Ok this is my first time ever to submit a Animal Sex Story hope I can keep everyones interest.

It all started when I was at a ripe age of (CENSOR).

I was playing on the floor with sume toys, my dog was laying next to me.

The amateur whore was also excited and we saw her cumming with the wang on her tongue.

Pay attention to the way the bitch sucks a dog cock.

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As I was sitting with my legs opened I had on a dress my dog came up to me and licked my leg. I can tell u i was getting those butterflies in my tummy again but this time i felt more happining to me.