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It’s unclear if Jawbone Health Hub will continue work on the device.

The Government is concerned that the new higher rates of income tax that have applied to dividends since 6 April 2016 may tempt some shareholders/directors to extract value built up within their companies in a capital form, rather than paying out the retained profits as dividends.

The company has raised money for the new venture, but it’s unclear how much, the source said.

Despite shuttering the business, Jawbone believes it is still worth a significant amount of money due to its pending litigation with rival Fitbit, according to the source.

Forward-thinking and effective business planning is vital, but there are all sorts of reasons why liquidation could become an issue and these are not always things that directors can prevent or even plan for. Actually, those who manage their business properly and have proper business practices in place do not need to know a great deal about liquidation.

The main thing they should be aware of is that if liquidation becomes an option then expert advice is vital.

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This is because capital gains are generally taxed at a lower rate than income, possibly as low as 10% where Entrepreneurs’ Relief is available.