Dating after ovarian cancer

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Dating after ovarian cancer

It was presented to me as a simple, obvious decision. Also, she added, because my cancer was sensitive to hormones, meaning my particular tumors contained proteins that grow in response to exposure to them, there was — good news — a drug I could take that would block my hormones and help prevent my breast cancer from returning.Studies show that young survivors with my kind of breast cancer (progesterone receptor positive) have an increased risk of developing ovarian cancer later on, she explained. The bad news: All of this would effectively put me into menopause at 31.Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, we are a group of friends directly impacted by ovarian cancer.To date, we have raised over 0,000 and continue to hold an annual fundraiser while also supporting awareness campaigns.And they will be told to hurry up or kiss those dreams goodbye.I wish I’d known these statistics at the time I was diagnosed. Wine, dinner and auction at the beautiful Saratoga Country Club in Saratoga, CA.

Maybe it reminds you of your mom or your aunt or your grandma who bravely battled this disease. You probably don’t picture a 29-and-a-half-year-old, green smoothie-making, vegetarian-eating, marathon-running, healthy young woman. But the memory of my doctor saying to me, "By the way, we should talk about when you want to have your ovaries removed as well" is the one thing I remember the way I remember where I was on 9/11. But because of my diagnosis, there’s this extreme pressure to move so fast that I can barely stand to move forward with anyone at all.That’s not exactly how she said it, to be fair, but she may as well have.In many ways, it makes me sad to know I’m not alone. But when I would go to the doctor during treatment, I would look around the waiting room and wonder The women there with me were going through hell, too, don’t get me wrong. I once sat in on a breast cancer support group only to leave feeling more burdened and more fearful — and to be honest, jealous and angry, too.

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Now, at 37 and still single, it feels like that fateful diagnosis is the axis around which the rest of my future plans revolve. And to make it even worse, I’m not allowed to complain about it. But the reality is I have always felt that I was meant to be a mom, and I feel that destiny slipping away from me every day, all because of breast cancer. We need to talk about it, because according to estimates from the Young Survival Coalition, there are about 250,000 other women under 40 currently living with a breast cancer diagnosis in the U. Another 13,000 young women will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.