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Live lice are removed from wet hair with a fine-toothed nit comb.

By repeating the procedure three more times over 14 days, the lifecycle of the louse is broken and your child's head becomes louse-free Your child doesn't need to stay away from nursery if you are actively treating the infestation.

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A louse has an average life span of 21 days, and a female adult can lay up to 56 eggs in one mating.

The eggs, also known as "nits" (some people use this name for head lice, too), are a yellow-white colour.

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Although these treatments will kill any live lice (if they are not resistant to the chemical), they don't necessarily destroy all the eggs, so they need to be repeated a week later to destroy any newly hatched lice.

There are some disadvantages with these treatments: This simple method is the same as wet-combing.

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