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During the interview, defendant signed a consent form to search his house and car in hopes of finding Barnes. Defendant later signed a consent to search his Peterbilt truck.

Russell and Trooper Neal Harwell of the Louisiana State Police, who had been dispatched after Russell requested assistance from the State Police Bureau of Investigation, accompanied defendant to search the truck.

At the time of his attempted travel to New York, defendant was on parole for previous convictions.

The authorities consulted with his parole officer and learned that the unauthorized trip violated the terms and conditions of his release.

Defendant knowingly and voluntarily waived his Miranda rights and gave a statement about the offense in which he indicated that an unknown male was at Anderson's home when he left the residence at approximately p.m. Defendant could not identify nor did he know the name of this other man.

Defendant, Barnes's father, gathered with others at the scene.

The officers then obtained a warrant for defendant's arrest based upon his parole violation.

The FBI participated in the apprehension of defendant when it learned that the case involved a possible kidnapping in which the suspect had crossed state lines.

Defendant told the officers that he had spent time with his daughter the day before, purchasing her a bicycle and some new shoes and later watching television with her at Anderson's residence until approximately p.m.

Defendant denied any knowledge concerning the circumstances of Anderson's death or his daughter's whereabouts, and the police released him.

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Defendant opened the truck, and the officers found no signs of Barnes.

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