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What are the odds that a giant centipede resides in the oceans, awaiting discovery by science?5) Ishii This is a legendary sea monster that is found in Japan.The animal will seek children during Holy Week, to kill for their hearts.According to the locals, there are some powerful people who are able to control these animals and thus able to keep them as pets.The myth of the Phaya Naga is incorporated extensively into Lao iconography and in Lao culture.

Recent local sightings state that it mainly comes out at night in the nature reserve, walking around, presumably looking for food.Issie jumped into the lake to find her child, and in her despair she transformed into a giant, saurian beast, which since then frequently surfaces,trying to find her lost child.This monster is described to be saurian in appearance, which means it looks like a reptile (probably a lizard).Saurians also included extinct dinosaur-like creatures.6) Ahool The Ahool is said to be a giant bat-like creature found in Indonesia.Others describe it as a flying primate or a living pterosaur.

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Since then, the local government has supported the locals on studies of this animal.

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