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Only 3 denominations were ever struck with the “dot”: 25-cents, 10-cents and 1-cent pieces.

In case any of you are wondering what to do with your unwanted pennies, the banks will still accept them.That event caused a major problem for the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) because they didn’t have any dies with the new king’s effigy on them to strike the 1937 coinage.Their solution was to produce a small number of 1936 coins with a tiny raised “dot” just below the date to denote that they were struck in 1937.A small number of the 1953 pennies were struck with newly upgraded dies and are tough to find.They can sell anywhere from to several hundreds of dollars at auction. TIE Between 2006 “Magnetic” 1-Cent and 2006 “P” no logo, non magnetic 1-Cent The majority of the pennies on this list are quite old and pre-date 1955.

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At just over one million strikes this is a rare penny indeed.