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Cupid dating site wiki

The long green cigarette holder was modeled on one used by Davis himself.

Marc Davis, the sole animator of Cruella in all her scenes in 101 Dalmatians, was initially unsure that Cruella would suit the film, worrying that the character was too comic.

Unlike previous Disney villainesses such as the Evil Queen, Lady Tremaine, the Queen of Hearts, Aunt Sarah, and Maleficent, Cruella is not a schemer nor does she have any powers.

Instead, she acts purely on impulse and is thus prone to reckless behavior, particularly tearing through the snowy landscape in her car.

Cruella is among the most critically-acclaimed and popular Disney characters of all time and is held in a similar regard among cinematic villains, once being voted the 39th greatest movie villain of all time, the 82nd most popular film character of all time and the 31st greatest movie female of all time.

She intends to have all ninety nine puppies skinned and made into clothing.

The Colonel, Sergeant Tibbs and Captain are among the animals of the countryside to help Pongo, Perdita and the puppies return home, while Cruella and the Baduns pursue them.

Cruella, an old school friend of Anita's, claims that she cannot live without furs.

She hires Horace and Jasper Badun, two incompetent crooks, to steal Pongo and Perdita's 15 Dalmatian Puppies, and buys eighty-four more through legitimate means.

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She first appeared in the novel, The Hundred and One Dalmatians (1956) by Dodie Smith.

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