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Cam2Cam is overall a disappointing and unremarkable film that tries to capitalize on its environment and only exacerbates its drawn out plot.For more reviews of recent releases, check out our website.

Eat a Peach How fruit and sex have overlapped and intermingled throughout the history of art, literature and culture.

If we want our robots to have the capacity for falling in love with other robots, we can set another parameter to ensure that they do so.

Would it be wrong to go further than that and make androids find overweight people attractive?

Sure, robots may well become sex machines for humans, but give them true AI and they become far superior in many aspects of their creation.

While the idea of an AI sophisticated enough to create a functional sex partner is possible, and very likely within the century, one capable of the complexities of a general relationship is not only a bit far off but, I imagine, would eventually gravitate to its own kind – why waste time on training a faulty human? It will be important, when robots reach the level of intelligence I anticipate by the middle of this century, for humans to have some measure of control over them.

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Casting of Sarah Bonrepaux as the seductive and charismatic Marit was on point.

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