Updating sql database in asp net

Posted by / 28-Jan-2018 06:44

NET Entities, you should next add such a connection to your project.

To do so, right-click the main project node in Visual Studio's Solution Explorer, and then choose the Add/New Item command from the popup menu.

You can change the state of an entity to Added, Updated, or Deleted.

Without a database connection, the application wouldn't be able to display any data.While that will let you check the results of any test run in Server Explorer, you still won't be able to have one test run build on the changes made by a previous test run.To get that to happen, you'll need to change the Copy to Output Directory property on the database file in your project's root.And sure enough, when you go to Server Explorer and browse to the rows that should have been changed in the first run you can see that the data is unchanged.That's because, when you press F5, Visual Studio quietly copies your database from your project's root folder to the bin/Debug folder, and that's the version of the database that your code updates.

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Or, if you use Code-First or Model-First approach, then create entities and context classes.