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Smith, 31, of Field Road, Bridlington, was found guilty of the same offence after a 30-minute trial, which was held in his absence.

Hirst said at the time the video was released: “I’m very open-minded about sex and public places — I love the thrill you may get caught.

Today the couple - who live apart - were both slapped with a six month curfew order banning them from leaving their own homes after 7pm.

Magistrates ordered Hirst to serve a 12-month community order.

One was the concept that white supremacists were drinking milk to show “the superiority of the white race” and the “purity of white milk”.

, Joseph Bernstein said that that hoaxers hoped their fake ‘Trump hate memes’ would gain media attention so they could then point to them as evidence of bias against the President and his supporters.

One of America’s oldest civil rights organisations has said it does not think the thumb and forefinger “OK” hand gesture is a white supremacist sign.

The Anti-Defamtion League (ADL) issued the clarification after two journalists known to be supporters of Donald Trump made the sign while standing behind the podium at the White House press briefing room.

“Our top five include a bus, a van, a hotel, swimming pool and a field. There are a number of laws that could result in an arrest, such as outraging public decency contrary to common law, behaviour that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to other users contrary to the Public Order Act 1986, offences of exposure, and sex in a public toilet.“Well, no, it hasn’t, but you are likely to hear just the opposite from social media, thanks to the latest hoax from members of notorious website 4chan.” The resurgence of the symbol may be traced back to a popular alt-right meme, known as “smug Pepe,” which began circulating on alt-right, pro-Trump message boards in 2015.Mr Trump often uses the symbol when speaking, explaining its significance with the president’s supporters.A previous entry on the hate symbols database of the ADL refers to the use by white supremacists of a two-handed hand sign in which one hand forms the letter "W" and the other hand forms the letter "P", to represent WP or "White Power".The "OK" symbol is the same as the "W" in this two-handed gesture.

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“Where it gets really fuzzy, however, is trying to determine when and if these symbols cross over from ironic usage,” he added. While milk as a supremacist symbol may have started as a sneering troll, it has now become an oft-used prop to publicly signal support for white nationalist politics at rallies, protests, and brawls.” The ADL quoted its own researcher on extremism, Mark Pitcavage, who said that “most hate symbols appear and spread organically, over time”.