Submissive females naked dating

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The male sub is to tie his balls with a shoelace or rope tighty separating each testicle.

He is then to immerse his cock and balls in bowl of ice water for 5 minutes.

Cum is to consumed unless otherwise directed by Mistress.

At any time, Mistress may text or say the word “thai soup” to the male sub and the male sub is to immediately stop what he is doing and get a bowl of cold water with ice.

The male sub will keep juices on his face as a sign of devotion and of being marked by Mistress.

When told “finger” the male sub will, at any time and any location insert fingers into and bring Mistress to orgasm.

Mistress may also say "ride it" and the male sub is to ride edge for an indicated amount of time.

After edging the male sub is to remove pre cum from fingers and lick clean in order to keep the male sub’s body primed for Mistresss pleasure and to learn to enjoy and be addicted to the taste of the juices.

the male sub will learn to praise it, perform fellatio on it, masturbate it and to accept it deep in his ass while also being both verbal and physical in his acceptance of pegging and desire to be taken in such a male sub is to participate in various training exercises during the year including but not limited to; ball stretching, cuckold and femdom hypnosis, ass dialation exercises, kneeling and begging position classes, blowjob and cum consumption lessons, humiliation and pain training, cuckolding as well as other various physical and mental conditioning exercises to learn to bring more pleasure and pay homage to Mistress.

If the male sub’s cums he is to clean up with his underwear and lick them clean.

At any time Mistress may text or say the word “edge” to the male sub and the male sub is to edge 3 times.

If desired Mistress can command the male sub to masturbate in Her panties at this time and lick clean.

When told “eat” the male sub will at any time and location drop to knees and lick Mistress’s pussy in accordance with Her wishes and to increase performance and perfection of cunnilingus.

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Unless otherwise directed the male sub will smell and lick fingers clean at the end of orgasm.

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