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John then had to flee Prague, but while in exile he wrote his most important work Concerning the Church in which he claimed the Church was founded on Christ, not Peter.

Huss was excommunicated in 1412 for insubordination.

The most famous reformer was Martin Luther (1483-1546) of Germany, for whom the Lutheran church is named.

His success was due in part to avoiding being slain for his cause.

The day 6 July is a national holiday in the Czech Republic, honoring this amazing man.

That was also the day this year in which I learned of this prophecy and began writing this article.

Some of Huss's writings were burned and the situation became more tense.

John Huss was judged guilty of heresy and sentenced to be immediately burned at the stake.Many preceding him had been executed for heresy (disagreeing with the pope).Luther began his work after being inspired by the work of John Huss, a Czech (Bohemian) reformer who had been burned at the stake a century before him.When the movement began, most of them were in the clergy of the Catholic Church, which was the only Christian Church there at that time.Nearly every one of them wanted only to "reform" the church, to get it back to the original principles, but when that effort met incredible resistance, the many Protestant churches began to form.

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Note that there is a confirmation in modern scripture of this principle.

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