Prince albert monaco dating

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Prince albert monaco dating

But he fit into the family beautifully.”While Princess Charlene takes after Kelly's blessed genetics, it is actually her husband Prince Albert who is a descendent of Kelly and Prince Rainier.

Albert, who has two sisters Princess Caroline of Hanover and Princess Stéphanie, married Princess Charlene in 2011.

Prince Honore II was responsible for re-assembling the rich collections of art, which had been auctioned off during the French Revolution when the Palace was turned into a hospital for the Italian Army.

The following rooms are notable for their beauty and their distinctive use.

The Empire-style royal throne rests under a red silk velvet canopy topped by the royal crown.

Above the throne is the Grimaldi coat of arms and motto: Deo Juvante, With God's Help.

For comparison, you can see Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella's longer hair in the photos that preceded it.

The twins' haircuts come on the heels of a recent news item about their royal relatives.

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